List of Equity Securities on the Accelerated Board

In the world of investment and finance, equity securities refer to financial instruments that represent ownership of a company. For investors, equity securities are a way to invest in companies that have the potential to generate profits and earn profits as a result of investor ownership.

In this regard, the Indonesia Stock Exchange conducts listing to place companies on the stock trading board based on several criteria such as initial share price, number of shareholders, operating profit, asset value, and other factors. Currently, the IDX uses three types of trading boards: Main Board, Accelerated Board, Development Board, Special Monitoring Board and New Economy Board.

The existence of a stock trading board provides several advantages for investors, as follows:

  1. Access to Investments: Investors can expand their portfolio by accessing various investment instruments, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), and different types of derivatives. This allows investors to choose investments that suit their financial goals.

  2. Liquidity: Since stock markets are usually highly liquid, investors can easily buy and sell assets. This allows them to take positions or change their portfolio quickly if needed.

  3. Capital Growth: Investors who invest in stocks can earn capital growth as they can make a profit by selling stocks at a higher price than their purchase price if the stock price goes up.

To view the list of securities on the trading board, IDX provides information related to the latest stock developments on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the following menu: