Khairunnisa Nadhifah
Daily Product, IPO Teaser

Khairunnisa Nadhifah is a passionate Research Associate who empowers the daily research publication as well as provides data analysis and financial modelling maintenance for the team. She graduated with a Bachelor of Management degree from Universitas Diponegoro with a passion for becoming a prominent capital market professional.

List Research

BWPT - Yields meaningful progress
Devi Harjoto, Khairunnisa Nadhifah 06 December 2023 See Detail
AMRT - Leading with continuous growth
Andre Suntono, Khairunnisa Nadhifah 29 September 2023 See Detail
Trade & Service
SMIL - Indo Largest Forklift Rental Provider
Adrianus Bias Prasuryo, Khairunnisa Nadhifah 15 August 2023 See Detail
BELI - Capitalize omnichannel opportunity
Devi Harjoto, Khairunnisa Nadhifah 27 June 2023 See Detail
Banking & Finance
Bond Teaser Report - KBMF 23 Jun 2023
Fikri C. Permana, Khairunnisa Nadhifah 23 June 2023 See Detail
GOTO - Seeing light at the end of the tunnel
Devi Harjoto, Khairunnisa Nadhifah 27 March 2023 See Detail